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Posted on 2005.09.24 at 13:51
Current Mood: optimistic*~optimistic~*
well i havent updated for so long, its scary ...

i have just been so amazingly busy .. firstly i work at the Show .. in Adelaide an Agricultural fair type of thing .. anyway in 8 days I clocked up 85 hours in my time sheet. Needless to say it took me a few days to get back in favour with my children.

i have also been working like crazy in schools doing the whole scout promotion thing ...

and then just this last week i went to Yalata ... now for those of you not in australia this is over 200km from Ceduna, which is over 700km from adelaide. we flew from adelaide on a 19 seater plan .. my goodness ... then slept overnight at ceduna (good food, a bottle of wine and a couple of beers...) then took the two hour drive to Yalata. now Yalata is a government aboriginal community, and artifical one in which several cultural groups of aborginal people were clumped together about 30 or 40 years ago. well if ever you wanted an eye opener it is probably the place... firstly you drive past a sign that says "Restricted Area, No Alcohol, No Cameras, You must Report to the Community Officer on Arrival", you just have to ignore the rubbish, broken down houses and the third world feeling you drive into.

The kids are all running around barefoot, the children that got to school on time got a shower and therefor were given school uniform for the day, and therefore get given a hot lunch. The other children, well they are not in uniform, who knows when they last showered and im not sure what they eat. Atleast they turned up at school i guess. English is a second language to these kids, and the aborginal dialect they use, i am unsure but am assuming it is pitjinjara ... is amazing, these kids babble away. Now im trying to promote scouting to these kids, these kids that live in the bush, camp in swags and can probably survive off bush tucker ... they cant sit still, some couldnt understand me, the concept is foreign ... lets just say it was hard.

But i loved it, i really did. the kids swarmed all over me, i got hugs and cuddles. they were just so happy that someone cared enough about them to come and play some games. once we got into a routine and the games worked they laughed and played and just basically enjoyed themselves. i admire the people that have made yalata their home, to put themselves so many hours and so many km from civilisation. to be in the midst of a community that is struggling is inspiring. i only hope thatone day i can make even half the difference these people make just by being there.

the next thing, looks like im going to be able to do my masters in social work, that is exciting. i didnt think that i would be able to, but it seems my honours degree in education is enough to get me in... yeeha!!

lastly i joined the gym today ... 700$ later but all inspired to become fit. i am struggling with body image at the moment, nothing too dramatic just want to feel good about myself ... a step in the right direction ...

well thats been my life the last month .... think i will breath now :)

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