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another day ...

Posted on 2005.10.21 at 10:50
Current Mood: rejected~* rejected *~
well it has again, been a little while since my last update ...

things have again, been hectic .. maybe not quite so bad as the previous month, but still lots happening.

i am struggling to maintain a friendship with someone who means a great deal to me, beginning to think it is completely one sided and part of me really doesnt want to try anymore. I dont know, that is not in my nature, i never give up normally, just kinda sick of being let down ...

on the other hand i am beginning to gain control of myself ... joined the gym again and am loving it, finding it a little hard to get there, but it is good fun. really need to make sure i go at 6am, but who wants to move at that time of the morning.

going on a six hour competitive hike this weekend, sort of orienteering/rogaining type of thing .. am looking forward to it, spending some time with an increasingly good mate, and the venturers.

queen's scout dinner next week, formal event, in my uniform, but again i will have good company. the initial person i asked said no, and in the end i am kinda pleased, the person going with me will atleast try to enjoy themselves, and we always have a good laugh ... so no stress and a good time and what is potentially going to be a rather boring event!

also heading off to Yalata again, get to spend time with those fantastic kids again, times like that it makes it all worthwhile.

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