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ok.. time for a major update

Posted on 2005.12.23 at 14:57
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well i have been informed that i havent updated for a while, so here goes ..

the main reason for not updating is that things have been in emotional upheaval and im not really coping with things, and i find it hard to always be so negative on here ..

so in a nutshell:

i received an offer into the Masters in Social Work, and i sent back my acceptance .. v exciting news, am terrified but really looking forward to it as well

thomas needs surgery (3yr old) he has what is called a branchial arch remnant, which is staying infected and caused his lymph glands on his neck to stay swollen, surgery booked for 23rd february

i have really struggled with a friendship, i am not sure why we cant maintain the closeness we once had, and i admit i spend a lot of time feeling jealous about time spent with others, where i used to get emails all thru the day i am lucky to get response 2 or 3 hours later .. i know i cant force a friendship but it is heartbreaking, i dont trust many people, or let them in and i feel so lost with this one .. on a good note we did have a really good night the other night, just chatting for a few hours ..

i got told that i am too close to the venturers in SA .. i am too familiar and do not have enough distance, this is why i cannot apply for Branch Commissioner position, i have basically been told i wont get it .. i have to be colder towards the venturers .. well all i can say is bugger to that, i have built up relationships with these guys, i think for the most part they trust me, i dont betray what they have told me, and i am there to listen .. i just hope that whomever does get the job doesnt tell me they dont want me to do mine anymore, i love what i do, and put so much of my heart into it .. not sure what i would do if i couldnt do that ..

... ok thats it i guess .. lots of more little things, but nothing dramatic, just getting ready for christmas and the kids .. lots of fun .. need to battle the shops for groceries tonight .. yeuck ..

anyway have a merry christmas and a safe new year everyone ... and i promise to make more of an effort to update .. things are going to be exciting this year i think!


dustyakubra at 2005-12-23 05:36 (UTC) (Link)
Great nerws about the masters *thumbs up* Sorry to hear about your son though :s
baby_lisa_72 at 2006-01-01 10:06 (UTC) (Link)
thanks cam .. yeah hopefully things will be all good with thomas .. sounds promising, although any surgery is not good ..

now it looks like i finally have to bite the bullet and get my wisdom teeth out tho .. yeuck!!!
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