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Recovering .. swollen and sore

Posted on 2006.01.16 at 09:32
Current Mood: soresore
well I have been a little quiet lately, I guess summer for our family really hasnt been so great .. first Thomas and visits to the doc and then specialiast and then surgeon and booking in for surgery ..

then i had an incredible tooth ache, that just would not go away, right on xmas eve .. so i took myself off to the dentist on 3rd Jan.. all that i could do over that time of year .. and he shunted me off the the oral surgeon, i managed to get an appointment for tonight, but then last monday they rang with a cancelled appointment did i want it .. yep, not a problem, might as well get it over and done with .. well.. i get there, yes there are a few problems .. lets see, can you come in for surgery this saturday!!! hmm ok, like i said i might as well get it over and done with .. so two days ago off i trot to a little private hospital and get put into a nice little room and wait (hmm gotta love hospital gowns!) ..

i was chatting rathly nicely to the nurse and then next thing i know i wake up in another room, im crying (not sure why i was crying) and i have great big wads of swabbing stuff in my mouth .. i cant feel my face and i cant talk ..

anyway, another 30minutes in recovery then back to my room, sam i waiting for me, with a couple of minutes im talking (as much as you can with swabbing in your mouth) im sucking on crushed ice (a weird feeling with no feeling in your face .. or at least half your face) .. then in no time at all i have the swabs taken out, im chatting away, im eating jelly and icecream, be told i need to go to the toilet before i can leave (not sure what going to the toilet has got to do with removing wisdom teeth .. ;)) .. so off i hope.

i head home, all i can think about eating is hot chips.. derr .. thats going to happen ..

but seriously my recovery has been really good, i am incredibly swollen and a bit tender .. but i have had no bleeding, i am eating quite well (even managed a few hot chips yesterday) .. lots of noodles, icecream, custard and porridge !!

so now the fun begins, i need two large fillings, where the offending wisdom teeth with rubbing against my other molars .. and i am not sure but may need braces on the bottom (that is my judgement) as the teeth have all squished together and are now overlapping ..

lets hope thomas' surgery goes as well ...

on the other side ...

there is also so much i want to say, about friendship, and the trials and tribulations of such .. but i dont know, when is it time to give up and walk away .. not bother anymore .. isnt it supposed to go both ways .. well it doesnt, i now i sit and think and wonder whether it ever did ... i dont know, maybe im still affected by the drugs they are giving me for my wounds .. they are supposed to be 'depressants' .. just wish it was easier .. but would we value it as much if it was easy?

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