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the new year .. and so it begins..

Posted on 2006.01.01 at 19:04
Current Mood: amusedamused
i wanted to put a heartfelt thanks, but have changed my mind .. dont really need to be spilling the beans on such a public forum, but lets just say someone has touched my soul, and i thank you .. sometimes closeness can be achieved without words and without the need to share ones feelings, we just know.


ok on to the other stuff ..

i laughed today, we had new years day lunch at the inlaws .. the interactions just make me smile, dont get me wrong i am very lucky with my inlaws .. even with the rocky start my sister-in-law and i have had .. and although i wouldnt say that we are best friends, we deal with it .. anyway again i wont go into too much detail, but lets just say, it makes me laugh ..

.. took Jordan & Thomas to see Narnia the other day, it was fantastic, i did really enjoy it for a films sake, yes there were some omissions and maybe a few 'mistakes' from the book, but as far as enjoying it for enjoyments sake .. well yes it was truly magnificent .. the boys also coped with it, Thomas got a little bored through the middle, but then got back on track, not bad for an active 3 year old .. I started reading it to Jordan that night, hopefully we can share the joy of the book as i did when i was a child as well..

well here we go for a new year, i know i am going to enjoy this year .. there is so much to learn, so much to gain and well so much to live for :)

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